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IMG-20220708-WA0027 Child-safe play areas
Spaces dedicated to making children feel respected, valued, and pushing them to their fullest potential. It is a high quality environment guarantees to keep children free from injury.
IMG-20220921-WA0068 Jolly Phonics
This is a systematic technique of learning the English Language, crafting them into effortlessly using right pronunciation. Children will be helped in understanding the relationship between alphabets and sounds.
IMG-20220823-WA0076 Sensory & Motor Integration
Sensory and motor development is the gradual process by which a child gains use and coordination of the large muscles of the legs, trunk, and arms, and the smaller muscles of the hands
IMG-20220720-WA0030 Theatre art
Young children gain skills in dialogue, collaboration,and creative problem solving with the help of teachers guiding them into a collective pretend session with teacher guidance to experience imaginative realities.

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A child may enter at any time during the year. Enrollment is currently on-going for playgroup and nursery. Being potty-trained is not a prerequisite for admission of two and three year olds.

The first few days of school are known as the “Phase In” period. During this period children meet their new teachers and classmates, and get familiarized with the environment and routine. One parent is expected to be available for a portion of the “Phase-In” as discussed during admission. Each child will have a different “Phase In” as each child adapts differently.

We have a very fluid and spiral curriculum that not only meets the needs of each student but is adapted when necessary to accommodate the changing requirements of every student. The progress of each child is documented on a daily basis which helps us to focus on the area in which the child needs more attention. Every child is given the opportunity to learn in the way that is best for them.

All of our Pre-K head teachers are trained in Early Childhood Education. We only seek passionate teachers with experience to join us in this field. All staff members undergo a comprehensive background check (medical exam, reference checks) and undergo Child Abuse Prevention sessions, cpr/first aid, fire drills etc.) on a frequent basis.

Kabiraa The Preschool also provides continuous in-house training in Jolly Phonics, life skills, different teaching methodologies and in-service training which enable teachers to attend conferences and workshops to bring back the latest in concepts, methods, and materials. Our teachers have the energy, intellect, and charisma which takes children on a voyage of discovery. They respect children’s need for security while encouraging autonomy.

The staff is trained on the do’s and don’ts by a panel of doctors that we are connected to. The body temperature of the staff and children will be checked with an IR thermometer upon entry into the campus, with proper facilities to wash and sanitise their hands. Social distancing norms will strictly be followed in the classrooms and use of masks will be made compulsory. Washing hands every half an hour and sanitising (which was done before too) will be practised effectively.

Yes. Since all states and UTs across the country have been directed to align their Class I admission age with guidelines of NEP 2020, to age six plus years, to bring about uniformity throughout the country.

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At Kabiraa-The Preschool, we break the traditional norms of learning and teaching. Exploring the all-round growth of children is our first priority.

Essential life skills, empathy, problem solving ability, and communication skills are very important for children to inculcate, especially in their foundation years. Kabiraa’s approach is child-centric, safe, and focuses on experiential and stimulative learning.

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