Play as you learn

At Kabiraa-The Preschool, we break the traditional norms of learning and teaching. Exploring the all-round growth of children is our first priority.

Essential life skills, empathy, problem solving ability, and communication skills are very important for children to inculcate, especially in their foundation years. Kabiraa’s approach is child-centric, safe, and focuses on experiential and stimulative learning.

With a team of passionate educators and trained, energetic teachers, our curriculum is carefully crafted to ensure practical and hands-on learning. We believe that education is an art form that should respect and nurture children’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviour.


Kabiraa’s mission is to make sure that children never forget their worth, and to explore the individual growth of each one of them. Many preschools and schools ignore that it is these years that matter most to children, but we will strive to ensure that foundational development is done thoroughly and carefully.

Our core values

2 Theater Art
Young children gain skills in dialogue, collaboration,and creative problem solving with the help of teachers guiding them into a collective pretend session with teacher guidance to experience imaginative realities.
9 Child-safe play areas
Spaces dedicated to making children feel respected, valued, and pushing them to their fullest potential. It is a high quality environment guarantees to keep children free from injury.
4 Sensory Motor Integration
Sensory and motor development is the gradual process by which a child gains use and coordination of the large muscles of the legs, trunk, and arms, and the smaller muscles of the hands.
DSC_0128 Jolly Phonics
This is a systematic technique of learning the English Language, crafting them into effortlessly using right pronunciation. Children will be helped in understanding the relationship between alphabets and sounds.